Misal Católico

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Catholic prayers

Proclaiming the Gospel of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and His Soon Return

cruz Sign Of The Cross

It is the sign of the Christians, where Jesus died for us. It is customary to recite other prayers before or after reading the Gospel.

padre The Our Father

This is one of the most important prayers. This prayer was given to us by Jesus Christ Himself. Can be prayed at any time needed.

ave Hail Mary

Here we repeat the words our Mother heard from the Angel. Every time we pray this, is like giving a rose to our Mother, the Virgin Mary.

bible Glory Be To The Father

Catholic prayer praising the Holy Trinity. It is customary to pray to conclude other prayers.

rosary Hail Holy Queen

It is a supply to our Mother, who can do everything. We ask her protection.

jesus My Lord Jesus Christ

We ask our Lord to forgive us, because we regret any offense, and to help us for not to sin again.

confieso I Confess to You

General confession to pray in Sunday Mass and at any time we want to apologize for venial sins.

credo2 The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed

We remember our baptism, confessing our faith. We pray it at Sunday Mass.

credo Apostles’ Creed

We remember our baptism, confessing our faith. We pray it at Sunday Mass.

scroll Act of Spiritual Communion

Beautiful prayer when we go to receive Holy Communion. Also to conclude the visit to the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament or any other blessing.

angel Angelus

Is prayed at noon (12:00) all year except Easter time.

holy-ghost Regina Coeli

Is prayed at noon (12:00) at Easter time instead of the Angelus.

pureza Blessed Be Your Purity

A poem to our Mother Virgin Mary.

goblet Memorare

We put our trust in the Virgin and ask something for us or for someone in particular

espiri Soul of Christ (Anima Christi)

Very beautiful prayer after Communion.

marie Oh my Lady

Upon waking up, overcome laziness and offer the day to our Mother.

guardian Prayer To My Guardian Angel

We pray just before going to bed and at any time we can ask our Guardian Angel for protection

bendi Travel Prayer

Before any travel this prayer may be useful.

vino Blessing Before Meals

We pray before every meal to thank God for the food.

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