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Catholic Missal of the day: Monday, June 27 2022

Monday of the Thirteenth week in Ordinary Time

Book of Amos


Thus says the LORD: For three crimes of Israel, and for four, I will not revoke my word; Because they sell the just man for silver, and the poor man for a pair of sandals.
They trample the heads of the weak into the dust of the earth, and force the lowly out of the way. Son and father go to the same prostitute, profaning my holy name.
Upon garments taken in pledge they recline beside any altar; And the wine of those who have been fined they drink in the house of their god.
Yet it was I who destroyed the Amorites before them, who were as tall as the cedars, and as strong as the oak trees. I destroyed their fruit above, and their roots beneath.
It was I who brought you up from the land of Egypt, and who led you through the desert for forty years, to occupy the land of the Amorites:
Beware, I will crush you into the ground as a wagon crushes when laden with sheaves.
Flight shall perish from the swift, and the strong man shall not retain his strength; The warrior shall not save his life,
nor the bowman stand his ground; The swift of foot shall not escape, nor the horseman save his life.
And the most stouthearted of warriors shall flee naked on that day, says the LORD.



"Why do you recite my statutes,
and profess my covenant with your mouth,
Though you hate discipline
and cast my words behind you?"
"When you see a thief, you keep pace with him,
and with adulterers you throw in your lot.
To your mouth you give free rein for evil,
you harness your tongue to deceit."
"You sit speaking against your brother;
against your mother's son you spread rumors.
"When you do these things, shall I be deaf to it?
Or do you think that I am like yourself?
I will correct you by drawing them up before your eyes.
"Consider this, you who forget God,
lest I rend you and there be no one to rescue you.
He that offers praise as a sacrifice glorifies me;
and to him that goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.”

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Matthew


When Jesus saw a crowd around him, he gave orders to cross to the other side.
A scribe approached and said to him, "Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go."
Jesus answered him, "Foxes have dens and birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head."
Another of (his) disciples said to him, "Lord, let me go first and bury my father."
But Jesus answered him, "Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead."

St. Cyril of Alexandria(Bishop and Doctor of the Church (+ 444))

SAINT CYRIL OF ALEXANDRIABishop and Doctor of the Church(+444) St. Cyril of Alexandria was the nephew of Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria. Tempered in the forge of Christian charity and nurtured with prayer and the sacraments, Cyril's intellect and will oriented toward truth and goodness. In adulthood, Cyril was consecrated bishop after his uncle, Theophilus, passed away. Bp. Cyril rose to challenge the contradictions and unfounded teachings of the heretic Nestorius. Against history and written accounts, Nestorius claimed Jesus is not the messiah. His teaching was cherry-picked while contradicting other parts that belong to the whole. Like all heresy, Nestorianism set the mood against the mind. After unsuccessfully trying to convert Nestorius, Bp. Cyril attended the Council of Ephesus, where the Christian world answered heresies besetting the Church. Representing Christianity, the Council found that Nestorianism was unsubstantiated. Nestorius was excommunicated and removed from ecclesiastical office. The nature of Christ and the divine maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, were upheld. Bp. Cyril contended with the forces assailing the Church. "He was a man of sorrows (Is. 53:3)." Going to his final rest in the year 444, St. Cyril may have heard the Master's voice: "Well done, good and faithful servant! ... Enter into the joy of your master (Mt. 25:23)!" For his contribution to unpacking the richness of the Catholic faith, St. Cyril was given the honorific title Doctor of the Church in 1882.

St. Lasdilas(King (1041-1095))

SAINT LADISLASKing(1041-1095) St. Ladislas was the first son of Bela, King of Hungary, born in 1041. In a twist of fate, he was compelled, much against his own inclination, to ascend the throne in 1080. He restored the good laws and discipline that St. Stephen had established. St. Ladislas' life in the palace was somewhat austere. Although frugal and self-disciplined, he was liberal with the Church and the poor. Vanity or idle amusements had no share in his time. He sought the Lord in his duties, joining his heart to God through work. Besides the strict and impartial administration of justice, King Ladislas was generous and merciful to his enemies, and vigorous in the defense of his country and the Church. He drove the Huns out of his territories and vanquished invading Turkic armies. As King Ladislas was preparing to reinforce Catholic leaders in present-day Czech Republic, God called him from the earth on July 30, 1095. He is remembered as a humble and morally upright king. Through prayer, adoration and the Sacraments, we too may receive God with the spirit and fervor of the Saints.


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